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Lee Strasberg’s eulogy for Marilyn is heartbreaking to listen to.  Reading it is one thing.  Hearing it completely different. The pain and grief are almost unbearable.

Remember now - cheers, no tears.

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Flowers for Marilyn

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For the first time ever, the Marilyn Monroe Memorial Service will be STREAMED LIVE ON THE INTERNET! Barring any technical difficulties, you will be able to view the service via the website of

Hope you can join us.

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Shakespeare could have been writing about Marilyn

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As another August 4th rolls around we can’t believe it is now 52 years since you went away.
Your legacy remains undiminished and stronger than ever. We hope more come to understand who you really were and not be taken in by all the lies and ridiculous rumours.
You will always be to me carefree, happy, full of love and life. 
God Bless you Honey and Thank You xxx

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Be safe.  Have fun. Keep your pets indoors!

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Marilyn’s friendship with Norman and Hedda Rosten spanned the last seven years of her life.  They had originally been introduced via Sam Shaw.   One of the very first books I read was Norman’s Marilyn: A Very Personal Story back in the 1970’s and it remains a favourite to this day. It is always interesting to read stories about Marilyn from someone who truly knew her.  The Rostens were one of the few (outside of Lee Strasberg) remembered by Marilyn in her will. She left $5,000 for their daughter, Patricia’s education.

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So many flowers for Marilyn today. The heart shaped arrangement was from (presumably) a Russian fan club.  

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Anonymous inquired:
   does anyone have a picture of marilyn's grave today? I'm sure it was covered in flowers :)   

It was beautiful :)

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Very pleased to announce that Immortal Marilyn made a donation of $670 to Animal Haven in NY in Marilyn’s honour.  That was the amount remaining after buying her birthday flowers :)

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