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Be safe.  Have fun. Keep your pets indoors!

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Marilyn’s friendship with Norman and Hedda Rosten spanned the last seven years of her life.  They had originally been introduced via Sam Shaw.   One of the very first books I read was Norman’s Marilyn: A Very Personal Story back in the 1970’s and it remains a favourite to this day. It is always interesting to read stories about Marilyn from someone who truly knew her.  The Rostens were one of the few (outside of Lee Strasberg) remembered by Marilyn in her will. She left $5,000 for their daughter, Patricia’s education.

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So many flowers for Marilyn today. The heart shaped arrangement was from (presumably) a Russian fan club.  

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Anonymous inquired:
   does anyone have a picture of marilyn's grave today? I'm sure it was covered in flowers :)   

It was beautiful :)

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Very pleased to announce that Immortal Marilyn made a donation of $670 to Animal Haven in NY in Marilyn’s honour.  That was the amount remaining after buying her birthday flowers :)

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Immortal Marilyn’s birthday flowers for Marilyn.

All extra money raised after the cost of the flowers is donated to Animal Haven in New York in Marilyn’s name.  After all she loved both and what better way to honour her?

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Always in our hearts

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Happy Birthday Angel 

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Of all the graphics out there tearing Marilyn down I think this one annoys me the most.  The first is basically blaming Marilyn for not being born in a Nazi occupied European country during WWII, for having endometriosis and not being able to carry a child to term and for not living long enough to dedicate her life to a charity.  The injustice of it just makes my blood boil.  And given the gracious lady that Audrey Hepburn was I am sure she wouldn’t be pleased with it either.  

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   It makes me so sad when people post false things about Marilyn. :(   

Us too - which is one of the reasons we started our Quote Unquote initiative.  We have pages on Facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest and instagram.  Anything we can do to get the real Marilyn out there.  

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